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Why book a wedding magician?

Deciding on the entertainment for your wedding day can be a daunting task. Here are a just a few reasons why booking a wedding magician will help make the biggest day of your life even more amazing:

  • A great way to break the ice among guests who haven't met before, creating an exciting atmosphere.
  • Turn dead time, such as when photographs are being taken, into moments of amazement.
  • Involves guests directly, making those who participate a part of the magic as well.
  • Suitable for all ages.

Perfect ice-breaker

It can be a tricky task arranging seating plans and knowing who to seat next to who to avoid awkward silences. By having me perform at your wedding, you can rest assured knowing that after your guests have seen and taken part in some magic, they will have much more to talk about than the weather!

A little parcel of astonishment

I conclude my performance with a special trick for the bride and groom.

This custom-made trick will not only leave you amazed, you will also be left with a unique magical souvenir to keep.

"Hold out your hand... no, the clean one."

Whilst good banter with guests is entertaining and fun, no guest should ever be made to feel awkward or embarrassed.

There are two things that are most important to me when performing: amazing your guests, and remaining professional throughout.

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Capture the moment

Wouldn't it be great to see the reactions of your guests during the magic moments?

You now have the option to capture your guests' magic reactions by booking the fabulous Charles White to accompany me throughout my performances (subject to availability).

Charles knows my routines very well and knows exactly when to take photos to capture the best reactions.

The cost of this added feature is a fraction of booking a separate photographer.

You will receive:

50-100 high-resolution digital photos with post-production finishes, on a USB key sent gift-wrapped via Express Delivery

To receive a quote for this, please tick "Include quote for magic photographer" when submitting your enquiry.

You can also follow Charles on Facebook.

Enjoy your day

You will have enough on your mind on your wedding day without having to worry about whether the magician is doing his job. I arrive at the venue early to get set up and liaise with staff to discuss fine details such as meal timings so I know which tables to perform for when, leaving you to enjoy your very special day.