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Make it an occasion to remember

Whether you're planning a 16th or 80th birthday, cocktail reception, wedding anniversary, or any other event with a gathering of 20 or more guests, hiring a magician is a perfect way to make your special occasion fun and memorable.

The magic doesn't happen without you

Whilst dextrous flourishes and cunning sleight-of-hand are captivating to watch, nothing is more memorable than taking part in the magic yourself. My magic routines involve guests directly with the magic often taking place in their own hands.

Themed events

If your event has a theme or corporate vision, let me know as I can tailor certain tricks to help promote them.

Guest of honour

Whether it's a birthday girl or boy, an anniversary couple, or just someone that deserves special attention, I will perform a special trick to them that leaves them with a unique magical souvenir to keep.

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Capture the moment

Wouldn't it be great to see the reactions of your guests during the magic moments?

You now have the option to capture your guests' magic reactions by booking the fabulous Charles White to accompany me throughout my performances (subject to availability).

Charles knows my routines very well and knows exactly when to take photos to capture the best reactions.

The cost of this added feature is a fraction of booking a separate photographer.

You will receive:

50-100 high-resolution digital photos with post-production finishes, on a USB key sent gift-wrapped via Express Delivery

To receive a quote for this, please tick "Include quote for magic photographer" when submitting your enquiry.

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